SimplyOne – Pilot production line

SimplyOne® Compact SOC 50 - Complete double pulper system with reject washer – Installation in Corenso Pori mill, Finland

  • Capacity up to 50 tpd
  • Erection completed May 2019
  • Test run completed June - Aug 2019

  • Raw material from Tetra Pak
  • Around 30 % poly aluminum in raw material
  • Clean accept fiber to fine screening
  • Pure plastic and poly aluminum reject free from fibers

  • Raw material from Pure-Pak
  • Clean accept fiber to fine screening
  • Pure plastic reject


IMG 20190314 183035

Corenso Pori mill, Finland

Rebuild of 500 t/d double pulper system by SimplyOne® process

  • Rebuild of existing double pulper system by SimplyOne® Add-On process
  • New SimplyOne® rotor unit to secondary pulper and new process connecting piping
  • Running since February 2019
  • Guarantee test run successfully completed and fiber recovery targets met
  • Rebuild of primary pulper rotor Ø 2,7 m
  • New SimplyOne® screen plates
  • Delivery completed June 2019

  • Clear capacity improvement by SimplyOne® Add-On process.
  • Reject free from fibers
  • Reject free from flakes
Kuva1 v2

Classified customer, Finland

Rebuild of HC-pulper lower rotor by new SimplyOne® Rotor

  • New SimplyOne® Rotor
  • Rotor in operation since June 2019
PR000540 Rejektipuristin

Pankaboard – Lieksa mill, Finland

Rebuild of reject handling system by new SimplyOne® Compactor

  • New SimplyOne® Compactor
  • Succesful 72 h test run together with new SimplyOne® Fiber Yield washer in the mill production line
  • Compactor in operation since autumn 2018
  • Tested with plastic material
  • Production 10-15 ADMTPD
  • Reject dryness over 70 %
  • Plastic reject clean from fibres

Rapina Fiber Yield reject washer

Räpina Paper mill, Estonia

Rebuild of double pulper OCC line

  • Capacity increase by 30 % up to 65 ADTPD
  • Rebuild of existing pulpers
  • New SimplyOne® Fiber Yield reject washer
  • Machine screen basket
  • Re-arrangement of pressure screening
  • Delivery Sep 2019
Rumpuroottori 10 Suuri

Corenso United Oy Pori - OCC fine screening

SimplyOne® SOSR 1200 screen rotor

  • Design that does not allow plastics to get caught on the rotor
  • Rotor design prevents thickening on the screening surface and provides more opportunities for the fiber to pass through the screening surface
  • Lower fiber loss
  • Rotor in operation since June 2020
SimplyOne SOPV 20 v2

SimplyOne® SOPV 20 pulper

SimplyOne® SOPV 20 pulper for bale pulp

  • SimplyOne® pulper SimplyOne® SOR 1250 with rotor unit and narrow slotted screen plate
  • Rotor unit equipped with V-belt drive
  • Delivery in November 2020
  • Commissioning in December 2020
Pulpperi 8m3

SimplyOne® SOPV 8

Vertical pulper for baled pulp

  • Pulpre volume 8 m3
  • Pulp consistency 4 %
  • SimplyOne® rotorunit with SOR 650 narrow slotted screen plate
  • Rottor equipped with V-belt drive
  • Start-up in February 2021