PR Pulping is specialized in refining and cleaning of fibres

PR Pulping Oy supplies equipment, process solutions and maintenance services for pulping processes in the pulp and paper industry and cleaning of recycled biomaterial in the bioproduct industry.

PR Pulping Oy is a new company set up to strengthen PR Rolls Oy’s pulping process technologies for the pulp and paper industry and for biomaterial processing. The new company will operate alongside PR Rolls Oy, and they will complement and strengthen each other in all operations.

The new company will introduce new products and services to the market. PR Pulping Oy also offers you the know-how of our experts, who over the years have obtained considerable experience through their unique understanding of the industry. We will launch, for example, new, modern pulpers, which will generate substantial savings to our customers through energy savings. We will also offer the following products and services:

The product range of our new company consists of:

• New SimplyOne pulpers for pulp, board ja paper machines
• Pulper rotors
• Pulper modifications, rebuilds and capacity expansions
• Prosess audits
• Inspecting the condition of equipment
• Spare parts and maintenance services
• Spare parts and maintenance services for DD Washers
• Maintenance services for other presses and other washers
• On-site machining and coating services for equipment in the pulp, board ja paper industry (except on-site machining and coating of paper rolls ja roll balancing)